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Default Re: Have You Tryed WinMX? Whats Better Here?

Originally posted by paw
From what I have been reading here, I see some unhappy campers having problems with the software! I see they have freeware for it, so why buy the Pro? WinMX only has one software and it's free and very simple to use. And no it dosn't have any spyware in it, do they have any here? Are firewalls a problem here? I use Windows XP's firewall and one by OnTrack at the same time.
Usually only people with problems come to the boards and post, the most without problems never come here.

About the PRO only Limewire and Bearshare have a PRO version (these two include spyware/crapware in their "free" version)... others and there are a lot of them offer their software for free, the most without spyware. Test clients like Gnucleus or Phex, if you want to know something about the other clients you can ask here. ALl clients connect to the same network, WinMX has only one client Gnutella has a lot of them becaus ethey use a free protocol.

Yes you can use the clients with your firewall, if your settings are correct.

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