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"What is the problem here? Is there any way that limewire or gnutella automatically filters certain searches and inhibits downloads? I checked to see if I had any filters on personally that would inhibit this search, but I did not."

LimeWire does not inhibit downloads. You can choose to filter out searches with certain words, phrases, etc., but LW won't stop you from downloading something. The only viable answer to your question that I can muster is this: If you try to download something during a busy time of the day (internet peak time), you will find few hosts accepting new connections (their upload slots are full), and thus you will get the "Couldn't Download" message after a few automated attempts. Also, make sure that you are sharing your files, which I'm sure isn't a problem.

This isn't really directed at you Fred, but to others who may be reading this. One of the main problems plaguing the Gnutella network is that there are too many freeloaders who are not sharing files. They download things like crazy, but won't share anything themselves. As a result, all of the people who are sharing try to go and download something and end up not being able to download anything! To ensure a higher quality network, make sure you have antifreeloader features turned on in you LW options (Tools>Options, Advanced Tab).

Everyone who shares on the Gnutella network should do this to make the network better. And if you're not sharing, please share! :-)
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