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Regarding the spyware thing, the free version adds a "LimeShop" tab which is a web browser, much like WinAmp's minibrowser, so it's not at all bad. I don't think the free version of LimeWire sends personal data to their servers. I remember downloading FreeWire claiming "no spyware", but it had spyware built in anyway! So don't download FreeWire instead

To be complete with the comparison, here's what's better about WinMX, since this is a WinMX vs LimeWire thread:
  • more complex and customizable text highlighting feature.
  • upload and download in one screen.
  • search results take up larger screen real estate without having to adjust a horizontal resize bar.
  • has auto find sources feature.
  • has chat rooms.
  • users have screennames, not just IP addresses.
  • users actually use the chat feature.
  • swarmed downloading doesn't freeze up system.
  • less of a CPU hog.
  • smaller install file (752KiB).
  • works like a windows app (got context menu for every textfield, etc.)
  • always displays a song's length in minutes:seconds format instead of just seconds format.
  • when closing a winmx window, it prompts me with options (exit winmx, send to tray...)
  • "wait for transfers to finish, then exit" option doesn't allow new transfers to start.
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