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Question Coverting D/L movies to VCD ( IDIOT GUIDE )

I Have downloaded various mp3 music files and burnt them with no problems to cd using Nero.

However i have downloaded various mpg and avi files using limewire - but when i try to burn a vcd, it says that it is incompatable.

I understand that i need the right codecs - i have installed a program to check these d/ls for their correct codec and it also tells me what codecs i have installed on my pc.

For example it says an avi file contains an mpg-1 codec and that i have mpg-1 codec installed yet it wont convert.

I am very new to downloading movie files and need help in simple forms with how to convert them onto vcd using Nero.

I am currently running XP and my windows media player is series 9.

Incidently when in middle of download if i "launch" them in limewire i can view the images no problem.

I have looked at AfterDawn but some of the jargon confuses - What would be ideal would be a list of suitable programs that i should install along with how to convert to VCD.

Can anyone help - IN IDIOT FORM!!! please

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