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Angry Why don't the Limewire Support People Respond to Emails!!!!!!!

On the 14/02/04 when I went to download the new version of LimeWire, I was told that my updated had expired and was offered a 'Speical' price of $14.50 to renew my donwload subscription. I paid the $14.50 using my Amex Card (It came out on the 14 Lime Wire LLC xxxxxxxxxx NY), I changed the email address on the form to my new one (Old one was [Edit] new one is [Edit]) then got an error message stating that there was a server error, but not to worry I had been charged and would get an eamil in an hour with the downlod link. No email and when I search the data base using my email to download the new version it does not find it. I even tried my old email and it does not find it either. I ahve sent 3 emails to Limewire support and have got NOTHING back and it has been over 2 weeks. I am very annoyed as they have taken my money and I have got NOTHING. Is there any email address I can send my enquiry to at Limewire that someone will respond to. I think it is very poor service when they take your money and you get no product. My only other alternative is to go to my redit Card Company and report it.

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