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Limewire is running ok (for the moment).OS X 10.1.5, LW 3,6,15

A thank you goes out to everyone contributing to this forum. Hey, it beats contacting the guys who built the apps, right? They are busy trying to improve them.
But seriously, can anyone tell me if it's worth to go to the store and buy Apple's latest OS X (Panther). Or should I just be happy with OS X version 10.1.5? I 've been running on Classic for as long as I can remember and telling every Window(licker) they can stuff it. But with OS X I'm not sure if it's an improvement.
It has the 'look and feel' of XP. Doesn't it?
I know this maybe isn't the right forum for this question but I would appreciate it if some enthousiastic OS X user tells me I'm wrong and should be at the store emptying my wallet for "the best thing in Town".

Keep the info comin'. I don't mind.
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