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But seriously, can anyone tell me if it's worth to go to the store and buy Apple's latest OS X (Panther). Or should I just be happy with OS X version 10.1.5?
The question is what do you need to produce and at what speed.

I got my first mac two years back and have gone through from os9 till now os 10.3.3 and i am getting quite fed up with the pace things are changing. It feels like you have to upgrade to something new every week to be on top and keep your computer safe.

One thing I know is that running calssic is not really efficien,t fast or reliable. If you could stick to 9.2 or upgrade your programs to run a clean osX. I just got Adobe CS three weeks back and I upgraded to os 10.3.3 just last night. I am sure my apple is more reliable now than what it was with 9.2 and it is actualy running a bit faster once it has started.

If I were you i would consider the need to upgrade. If the tools you have today are doing the job, then why upgrade? lots of cash for litle and nothing if you ask me. Apple used to be buildt for lasting. now it feels like it is built to be upgraded. They are creating a need. Apple has become to trendy. Its no longer a tool to get the job done, it is a fashion statement. Some times i feel like I am buying added value. I am convinced the Adobe CS will come with a upgrade in a few months.. fixing bugs that they "oversaw" when they first relised it a few monts back.

The one thing that is true is that osx is user friendly and stabile. now that they got to 3.3 they finaly are getting writh of the newborn-baby trouble.

I cannot say what I think you should do. Panther is good. 9.2 does the job. (people! let me know if you feel the same!)
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