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MST3000--I'm a bit confused by the site comment (LW connects to other Gnutella users, and doesn't need to connect to the LW Home Page). However, re the home network problem, some of us had troubles with the LinkSys router firmware (downgrading worked), and there have been others who had troubles with some models of USB or wireless modems. Apple just posted a workaround for AOL users. I might be able to dig up the links if you post the cablemodem/router/ ISP details.

Each LW needs a different port, which should set automatically (see Preferences->Advanced->Port, and the "Force IP" option should be checked).

In general, some router 'saturation' problems can be minimized by tweaking the Preferences/Options
1. Connect manually (disable the "Connect Automatically" preference
2. In the Saving preference, reduce the days to keep Incomplete files. Cleaning out the incomplete folder also helps (too many incomplete files trying to connect at once has caused some router/modem problems).
3. Setting the Uploads->Basic->Upload Bandwidth slider to about 80%
4.Checking the "Disable Ultrapeer Capabilities" in the Preferences->Speed

Did everyone try the quick test for port blocking?

OSX users can set their System firewall by going to Apple Menu->System Preferences->Sharing->Firewall and clicking on the New button. Scroll down the list to choose "Gnutella/Limewire (6346)" or create a new item for whatever port you choose.

deserttoad--The connections are needed for searches. Once an upload or download is started, LW doesn't need the connections. If you are on a 56K modem, too many up or down loads might be saturating your connection: try to download only one or two files at a time.
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