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Talking Alternative Network starts here

Well, I just wanna give this Alternative 80's Network a try......

Today (or tonight for europeans) at 22.30 G.M.T. you can connect to my ip.
The network to join is named "Alternative Network" and my IP Note the last 4 digits may vary, but I'll post the right IP number tonight in this thread.
If you have questions my ICQ nr. is 1248 426 99
Now don't ask me how to connect with a client other than Phex, I just don't know.
But if you can't use Limewire (i'm not shure it will work using LW), just dl Phex, and click phex.jar. Phex runs perfectly with the javaruntime enviroment that came with LW1.6 (on my system it does).
If you have Phex : click Network (top left), click leave network , click Network ,Click Join Network , Fill in Alternative Network ( no password ), Click Join
Now in the Gnutella Network screen , fill in my IP nr. , click connect, and make sure auto connect is on. (see Attachment)

Now I can't connect to a lot of hosts, so if you want to participate leave your IP number in this thread. and SHARE some good non top 40 music!!

Perhaps it is a good idea to make textfile with the music you share,and name it Share.txt so we can know what to searc for

Join in !, RaaF
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