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Default LimeWire 3.9.5 Beta

The LimeWire 3.9.5 beta is released, with the pro version available from a link on your Pro download page, and the free version (with NO BUNDLED SOFTWARE) available from the LimeWire download page.

Changes in 3.9.5 include:
- Massive search result improvements. The following issues are just some of those that were addressed:
Speed: No more massive CPU spikes or visible delays when results pour in.
Selections: No more having to click in various places and guess when LimeWire will select your result, expand it or download.
Sorting: No more having to keep clicking to sort a column after new results come in. LimeWire will now automatically insert a result in the correct order for sorting.
Stability: No more seeing columns jump to strange places with strange sizes after moving, resizing, hiding or displaying them. LimeWire now acts in a more predictable manner.
- Removed the last of the icon drops in the windows installer.
- Various browse host fixes.
- Various id3v2 fixes.
- Internationalization fixes, submitted by Philippe Verdy.
- More intelligent validy checking when reading cached hashes from disk.
- Detection of invalid available ranges as reported from uploaders (solving a repeated 10-byte download), pointed out by Gregorio Roper.
- Better validation of THEX XML trees, submitted by Philippe Verdy.

There's still some small things we're going to try to include for another beta or two, and then LimeWire 4.0!

Thanks to everyone for their help in beta-testing and code contributions. Please give this beta a thorough workout, especially with search results, so we can iron out any problems that crept in with the massive search result changes.

- The LimeWire Team

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