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To make it short: LimeWire is not only NOT illegal: It is completely LEGAL.

Try downloading "das klein wild vögelein". You won't get in any trouble for that, also not for sharing it, and that is true in almost every country of the world (except maybe countries, where music and fun are prohibited, like the extraterritorial shoe factories in some poor countries), since the song comes from the dark times of the middle ages, where you could get hanged for singing songs, which were clearly against any government, rich people or the church.
Its license allows you to share it, give it to whomever you want, etc.

So as long as you don't do anything illegal with LimeWire it is LEGAL to use it.

Same as with a fork: You are allowed to eat with it, comb your hair, even dig in the garden (I hope noone invented a law against that in the USA... j/k), but you may not scratch the window of your neighbors car or stick it down his throat, when you're angry.

LimeWire is a tool. It is you who decides how to use it (As is the internet, by the way and trying to coerce someone to commit suicide through a forum is also illegal).

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