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Default LimeWire 3.9.10

The LimeWire 3.9.10 beta is released, with the pro version available from a link on your Pro download page, and the free version available from the LimeWire download page.

Changes in 3.9.10 include:
- Fixed some conditions where reading ID3v2 tags would fail.
- Fixed dynamic querying when locales were involved.
- Fixed the font size of the menu options (File, Tools, Help, etc..) in all themes except the Default OSX Theme (which was already correct).
- Fixed auto-matching of possible filter choice to reselect a new match when the filter changes.
- Fixed creation of icons for default search types so that they will work on Mac Classic again.
- Fixed wishlist/download button to correctly transform and be enabled at the appropriate times.
- Fixed error associated with Java 1.3 and clipped tooltips.

LimeWire 4.0 is still on schedule for Tuesday, May 18th.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to build LimeWire into the sophisticated, easy-to-use file-sharing program that it is. We are consistently #1 and #2 on Mac downloads on, and in the top 10 Windows downloads. The removal of bundled software from all versions of LimeWire is right in line with people's choices, as evidenced by the fact that Ad-Aware is the #1 download for Windows on (and has been for two weeks now).

The LimeWire Team