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Yes Roger--you're right. "worker" is first user after root in NetInfo (root is not enabled). Nice catch.
It seems harmless (only noticable when a jum install is forbidden). btw--have you tried running LW as a separate user? I find it almost as good as running LW as a background app (daemon?), and it seems to run just fine. I want to eventually set it up on the 24/7 machine just to serve up private magnets.

As for TOTD Sam, numbered tips would be handy and ordered more logically (I wasn't sure if I had gone through them all or saw a duplicate).
--add some of the useful links, like Roger's iTunes guide and more of the links Ursula put together * Useful Links *
--add a recommendation to use AdAware or its like (and repeat that LW no longer supports spyware)
--add a definitive note about the difference between Pro and Free