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Old August 19th, 2001
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Question 'File not found' error on known existing files?

Something I'm not understanding here about the meaning of the 'file not found' error as pertains to uploads...

Example: When I switch to the Monitor tab, I can see a number of attempts to get a particular file 'foo.mp3' from my shares. A number of users attempts will have a 'file not found' error in the Status column, while another user may be happily downloading 'foo.mp3'. Why are so many users getting 'file not found' errors for files that are clearly visible and available to other users?

I did a forum search on this, and I came across one comment that stated (paraphrased) "file not found errors on the monitor tab are the result of the anti-freeloading feature denying file access to freeloading users".

If this is true, why is an ambiguous error like 'file not found' being used to indicate a freeloader rejection (why not 'rejected')? And if not, what is causing this odd behaviour?

Thanks, sorry if this is a redundant question.
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