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Default LW 4.0.2 sends port==0 in X-Node

Overnight I noticed two instances of port==0 simultaneously in the X-Node and Chat headers.

My code to detect this situation has been active for a long time, but this is the first time it's ever gone off.

GET /uri-res/N2R?urn:sha1:___LALX23OVKIH3QUUPM4OVG6RFOZ2OQ HTTP/1.1
HOST: N.N.N.N:6412
User-Agent: LimeWire/4.0.2
X-Queue: 0.1
X-Gnutella-Content-URN: urn:sha1:___LALX23OVKIH3QUUPM4OVG6RFOZ2OQ
X-Alt: A.A.A.A
X-NAlt: B.B.B.B
Range: bytes=999930-1099939
X-Node: X.X.X.X:0
Chat: X.X.X.X:0
X-Features: chat/0.1, queue/0.1, browse/1.0