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Héhéhé, just FYI, LW 4.0.5 is very stable on os x, LW has been running without restarts on my imac g3 for the past 9 days as UP and uploading more than 12 gigs of data. LW memory and processor usages stayed the same over the days -- très bien Moreover, while I was away, I was continously able to get search results from my home computer from another computer running LW. Excellent! The only downside is that LW still increases the number of sources for a file not uploaded over the days, for exemple many rare files not once uploaded showed many sources in searches (it now increased to 30 sources per file!!!!) even if I'm the only one with them on the network.


Edit: I think that each time my ISP changes my IP (a dynamic one and it changes often) the library adds one source (it remembers my old IP).

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