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Well, I don't know if tis would help, but I couldn't read a DVD one of my friends made using my iMac's (rather brand-new) built-in DVD reader. After that, I bought a DVD burner and it reads the CD just fine, while the built-in CD/DVD player wouldn't even show that it had a CD of whatever type in it and if I tried to eject it using the keyboard's eject button then it locked up the eject function and I had to restart.
Now, you might be thinking where this is going, but I'm just saying: first, check if the CD is indeed the OS9 one and not OSX (or anything else for that matter). It should be written on the box somewhere.
Also, if you can, try the CD on a friend's Mac or something or borrow (tough) a friend's CD or DVD external drive (Mac compatible) and try reading it through there.
Finally, don't begin new threads about the same problem: stick to your original thread. I mean, you already got a reply from Bootylicious on that one right?
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