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Originally posted by stief
Philippe's new optimizations sound really impressive (might this mean java will begin to lose its "slow" rep?)
My optimizations have been found very impressive by the maintainer of GNU Crypto. I have posted them for free download on

When compiled with the GNU "gcj" compiler, my SHA1 implementation shows an "impressive" rate of only 16 CPU cycles per byte on a Pentium III, according to the GNU Crypto author, as he also have other test vectors for the Tiger, SHA-1, MD5 algorithms, and he didn't report bugs to me, he will soon release an updated version of GNU Crypto with my new implementations, and I am working on SHA-256 (and SHA-224 which is a small variant), SHA-384 and SHA-512 (these 3 are part of the Secure Hash algorithms recently added to the american cryptographic standard, and approved too by the European NESSIE standard).

(SHA-512 and SHA-384 are very challenging to optimize for speed; lots of things can be optimized face to all the available implementations, but the number and complexity of binary expressions is quite complex; optimizing SHA-1 required lots of manual work that could not be automated by a generation script.)
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