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Originally posted by TruStarwarrior
I don't know why this particular error has such an odd name. Maybe, it's to fool the downloader that the *file is missing* instead of saying *no freeloading allowed*. :-)
So what's wrong with saying *no freeloading allowed* ? Slap 'em in the face a few times and maybe they'll get the message!


I would say to keep your file number at 1 or higher. I'm mean, and so I say you have to be sharing 25 or more files. For any new person using Gnutella, this might sound harsh, but I'm sure you can dig out the Napster downlaods and share them. ;-) Also, I have the slider on "rarely" to make sure freeloaders don't take my upload slots and bandwidth.

Anyone else have any different/better settings to use?
I set the maximum simultaneous connections per user to 1. I see users downloading a 200 MB file at 3.5 KB/s and asking for a second file. Get a clue people! It'll take 16 hours to download one file and you want to take two of my upload slots? I don't think so! High speed users aren't much better. Even at 12.5 KB/s it'll take 4.5 hours to download the file. Asking for a second file increases your time to 9 hours and increases the chances that you'll end up with two partial files instead of one complete one. Don't be greedy.

Another trick I use is when I want to wind up my session, if people are downloading from me I won't cut them off, I just set the number of connections to zero. Existing downloads continue, but new attempts are denied.

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