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You can select multiple rows in all tables (search, download, upload) except the library by hitting 'ctrl' and selecting another row. On OSX, since the standard is holding the command key (instead of ctrl), versions 4.1+ of LimeWire will also select multiple rows if command is pressed. Support for selecting rows this way in the library is tentatively planned for 4.1.

You can select multiple rows in all tables (including the library) by selecting one row, keeping the mouse pressed, and dragging it down to further rows. You can also select multiple rows (all rows between the two) by selecting one row, pressing and holding shift, and then selecting a second row.

Almost actions (download, resume, launch, etc...) will apply to every selected row. If there are some that do not, let us know and we'll fix them.

You can sort search results by 'files I have', 'files I'm downloading', 'files I've partially downloaded' by clicking the quality column (the column with the stars, or the various icons indicating if the file is downloading, saved or incomplete).

You can sort by extension by clicking the 'type' column.

You can sort by any column by clicking on that column.

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