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Originally posted by Unregistered
I am running the 1.6b version now. Is there any need to update to the 1.6d. Can this be done with just updating somehow, or does it require a complete uninstall?. When a person does an uninstall, what happens to the old library files? Should I move those to another file location away from the limewire directory. I'm very happy with limewire, but don't want to start over with my library again. I also noticed the bug on the highlighting in the monitor area the previos person commented on, that you can't hardly move fast enough to click the buttonsat the bottom before it UN highlights. Keep up the good, no, EXCELLENT work.
Your library will still be there after LimeWire is uninstalled. If you want to make a preventative backup, copy the files to another directory. But you won't have to start your library over again when you install the new version.

The bug you describe on the Monitor tab is planned to be fixed in a future release. I think it acts more like a feature that was implemented to help increase the success rate of downloads. Too many people are terminating uploads (selfish, I guess), so this "feature" inhibits the termination of uploads. I, for one, will be sad to see it go. :-(

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