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Default Phex Deleting Shared files?

I recently installed Phex Version

I started the program and assigned one folder containing 40 files to share.

Phex seemed to run properly with a number of host connections made. I was able to search and download a few files, with a number of folks downloading from my list of 40 files.

Here's the problem:
After a few days I noticed that some of my "shared" files were missing. What should have been a directory of 40 files now only contained 28, with 12 files gone.

To confirm what had occurred, I restarted Phex and shared out a different "test folder" with 14 good files. As before the I was able to download and I received requests to upload from my files. I left Phex running overnight and the morning I checked my shared folder. The folder's 14 file count had been reduced to 5 files!

I ran CHKDSK, and checked the "recycle bin" folder. No errors, but no files found either. So far I've not found any evidence of a virus or losses outside of my "shared" folders.

I am running Windows Xp. My internet connection is protected by a NAT software router. To obtain proper Gnutella connection, I have set my "export IP address" to my external internet IP, and mapped the default Gnutella port of 6346 to the machine running Phex.

Anyone else have an experience like this? Any advice?

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