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Default LimeWire 4.1.2 Beta

The LimeWire 4.1.2 Beta has been released. Pro users can download it from their personal download page. The free version is available at the
LimeWire Beta Page.

Changes in LimeWire 4.1.2 include:
- Windows versions now use a new LimeWire.exe that launches LimeWire itself, instead of relying on javaw. This will help with recognizing LimeWire in firewalls & Task Manager. The new executable will also always use the most recent installed Java on your computer, which should solve some problems people experienced with LimeWire being unable to locate a suitable Java Runtime Environment.
- A newer & more refined look & feel for all non OSX skins (this is all skins on Windows, and all skins except Pinstripes & Metal on OSX) if using Java 1.4 or later.
- A new, prettier, Lime icon (instead of the plug) on non OSX systems.
- Better management of downloads that are not active, using less resources.
- Various fixes to the File-View HTML page.
- Removal of "wishlist" downloads.
- Typing backspace or delete on a row in a table will now remove that row (delete a file in the library, remove a connection, kill a download or upload, etc...).

Future beta versions will contain some more fantastic improvements to both the internals & externals, such as the addition of drag & drop (drag files directly from the library to anywhere on your computer, or drop a folder in LimeWire and have it be shared), greatly improved iTunes integration (on Windows too!), and even more!

The LimeWire Team

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