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Default Magnet downloads enabled?

Looking forward to testing 4.1.2, and wonder if this version handles download of magnet links as described in the previous 4.1.1 beta feedback provided in detail in the following discussion forum post:

4.1.1 Magnet Test Results -- Pass and Fail
LimeWire 4.1.1 Beta

About mid-way down on the above page there's a post I started called "4.1.1 Magnet Test Results -- Pass and Fail" which is rather long and ends with my post "Magnets and Medical Apps".

An important note about the above discussion is that I wasn't asking for auto-search, only that magnet links start downloading (based on the xt=urn:sha1: info) rather than using only the hard-coded IP address specified by the xs magnet attribute. Most of the above 4.1.1. magnet test results discussuion was spent clarifying that auto-searching isn't requested, only implementing the magnet links more completely. Hope that makes sense?