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Default Error Deleting File or Folder (the incomplete folder)

I'm having trouble deleting files from my Incomplete folder. LW library wont see them. I had been running with LW set to download to a directory of my choice (not default). Lately I have been having trouble deleting some of the files in the incomplete folder. Properties on the folder show the "Incomplete" folder is 0 files, 0k and files and the host directory are definitely unlocked.

I'm getting this error below when I try to delete the whole directory.

Error Deleting File or Folder
Cannot delete T-1116~1.MPG: Cannot find the specified file.

Make sure you specify the correct path and file name.

I've seen several posts from the past where people ask trouble deleting old or corrupt or incomplete files, but it's always kinda danced around. Is there any reason why a LW managed folder would go corrupt?? Is LW the culprit?? or XP??

Stats: XP Pro, Intel 3.6ghz (yea its nice), LW 3.9

TIA, jeff

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