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Yepyep, I'm running the latest version of Morpheus ( as of this moment) and it has been running for about 3 hours or so now, and I'm not getting connected to the Fasttrack-network either... The other networks connect ok as they should (well Fasttrack should too, I suppose) but Fasttrack just keeps saying that it is "connecting..."

I'm running Windows XP with all the necessary SP's, no router, NISP2004 (and yes, I have given full access to Morpheus and the ML), and I have removed the adware-thingamajics from Morpheus

So... is the MLDonkey-thingy really working like it should? Seems to be pretty odd that one client can't get a decent connection for the Fasttrack-network, especially because this was mainly the reason I opted to try Morpheus in the first place...and unless this can't be sorted out I'm going back to Shareaza / eMule
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