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Wow, Gee, Thanks, I feel honoured, but I'm not that knowledgable. I've been answering many Q's to kill time whilst my computer renders. But hopefully I can suggest something that might be helpful.
Do you mean you actually deleted your shared files via recycle bin? Did you empty the recycle bin? I don't know why you would have done this. Have you searched your computer for these files? If you deleted them from within Kazaa, then it might have deleted them from your computer. There's only a small chance a 3rd party utility might be able to recover them.

Firstly, I'm not a pc windows person (I use a mac), so a pc literate person would be better at problem-solving your issue. Hope one comes along.

The LW windows are purely a reference to the files. Files cannot be dragged from these windows. If you can locate your shared folder(s) via Explorer (hope you remember their names), then you can select/reselect these as LW shared folders in you menu-Tools-Sharing (hope I'm right b/c I don't have pc v. LW). Once you have selected your LW shared folders & pressed apply, go to LW Library window & these folders & files should appear. Click on the folder name in the Lib window & the files should start to be listed. Inititially they might be listed in red until LW can fully account for them which might take a few mins. You'll also notice the no. of files LW says it's sharing will gradually increase as it accounts for them.

It's 'not' a good idea to use the delete button on any of your shared files. This will delete them from your computer. Not a good policy. Launch will enable you to review your files. eg: launch an mp3 & LW's media player will play them.

I guess your 1st issue is to try to find the missing shared folder(s)! Do a search for the name of any files that you remember. I hope this is reasonable & helpful advice for you. Good luck in finding your files.
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