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Question searched for iexplore found X>50 sites cookies.txt found x>3000 sites

ummm... I though that you were not supposed to share your entire hard disk.

There should be some effort to prevent users from taking such careful aim at their own feet with weapons of mass destruction.

I would like to think that things like credit card numbers are encrypted or hopefuly not saved in cookies at all but one can't be sure what a given site will wish to store in its cookies. Who knows, there might only be things like web mail username/password pairs in there.

not that I have decided to go around commiting credit card fraud but permiting everyone in the universe to download random files from your computer is unwise and should be discouraged by including key directories in a What!? are you serious!?! popup window telling the user that this is a bad idea and that you really really shouldn't do it so we won't let you.

5 or so of these people are runing NT or win2k or os2 because a search for cmd.exe works.

windows in general (search for xcopy32) yields 24 hits
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