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Originally posted by RaaF
Well the Duch translation is as good as finished
Great! can I have a preview?
Only, I can't change the column names under the SearchMonitor tab.
The localization of them was missing. Here are the key available in the next release.

SearchMonitorTab_RoutedFrom = Routed From
SearchMonitorTab_SearchText = Search Text
SearchMonitorTab_HopsTtl = Hops / TTL
And in the options screen under users interface, I can only describe 2 settings, while there are 3 (language is missing)
UserInterfaceText = <html>This section of the options system allows you to change settings that \
affect the user interface of Phex.\
<table border="0"><tr><td valign="top">*</td><td>'General' let you alter the look and feel of the \
user interface and it's font.</td></tr>\
<tr><td valign="top">*</td><td>'Language' let you change the user interface language. \
<tr><td valign="top">*</td><td>'Prompts' gives you options about which alerts and notifications \
you like to be informed of.</td></tr></table></html>
And as I have some lengthy info texts, could the displaytime be set a little longer ?
You mean the tooltip text display time? I have to check for that, I guess its a Java default currently.
And If it is easy to add extra TTT lines at some points, could someone explain howto ?
You need to do it in the Java source. Its not working easily on all components. Like tables are difficult. But lets assume you have a simple component. Like a JButton. In that case you can just call the standard method setToolTipText. Here a simple example:

searchButton.setToolTipText( Localizer.getString( "TTTStartSearch") );

But I guess the easiest way would be to tell me the elements and I add the changes for you quickly. Maybe we can do this through ICQ or anything..
Further, could it be there are some old entries in the properties file ?
Yes, I'm currently working on a tool to find them out.
And I think the English version could be changed a little, more seen from a user point of view.
(but I have no time for it at the moment)
I'm open to any suggestions from anyone to improve the texts.
Oh yes and finally, what does DailyUptimeProvider mean.
Uptime the last 24Hr.?
Compared to uptime, daily uptime is a weighted average calculation of the time you are online per day (The current day counts more, days in the past count less).
The formular came from Limewire and the value is PONGED through the network together with IPs to determine how likely it is to connect to a host.

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