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Although Pro has some improvements, the operational approaches should remain the same. Try to select those items with 3 or 4 star quality rating to dwnld. No matter whether you use basic/pro selecting 1 or 2 star quality dwnlds is expecting a low level chance of connection/reliable connection. As a suggestion, go to LW's menu Tools-Options-Searching & Quality & tick Show 3 & 4 or 4 only star searches. Also try to select items that are grouped. This will reduce the chance of connecting to a poorer/unreliable connection even when it's grouped.
When an item says it's queued, it means it hasn't reached it's turn to be sought after (meaning LW is presently busy seeking out others.) Busy means that the source is busy. If the source's upld bandwidth/upld slots has been taken up, then nothing can solve it except waiting until an upld slot becomes available. If there's also several people attempting to get one of these slots, you may find you're put onto a waiting line & even when you do get a spot, it 'might' only be for a shared amount of time with the others. This helps to allow everybody to have access.
Another suggestion is to wait for LW to settle down for a bit after opening. Also not to dwnld too many files consecutively in too short a period of time. If a file is having difficulty connecting, you can delete it from the dwnld pane & reselect it from the search pane. This will force LW to re-seek this file with immediacy. Every once in a while, do another search for the file if it's not yet dwnlding so fresh resources & possibly new sources can be found. Hope these suggestions help.
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