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Default Phex2 misbehaving for me.

Recently installed the new release, and since then Java 2 release 1.4.2_05 (which did not resolve the issue). I will download again and install again in case it's just a transfer or installation burp.

1. On starting Phex, get (~) "Error loading Look & Feel Java.lang.ClassNotFound Exception com.jgoodies.plaf.ExtMotifLookAndFeel" Phex then loads, connects, all seems happy.

2. Selecting Search tab results in screen problems - some parts of search screen appear, but most of previous screen is not overwritten. Minimize/maximize and Phex comes up completely blank. Mousing over the blank Phex screen causes certain items to appear. Very bizarre.

Gregor may remember my having had some bizarre screen-drawing issues with, but that was on a different computer with different OS. Attached java debug info may be pertinent, lots of talk of Jcomponent.paint problems...

Meanwhile, I'll try downloading it fresh and installing it again...

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