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Default I searched the forum but to no avail. Problems with DL speed!

Hey guys. I know you get this alot, and I've been scouring the forums for quite some time to try to find an answer, but nothing works.

The problem is, I connect great, and bring up alot of search results, but when I click to download, it downloads at 2-5 kb/s.

I am using a laptop from my apartment complex which has Time Warner cable internet (I think. We have time warner cable tv...)

I think I am on a LAN because I sometimes bring up "Ethernet" as a speed and that download speed is incredible.

But anyways, if you guys could please enlighten me on how to fix this connection problem I would be most grateful.

I am using Windows XP.
On an Intel Celeron processor.
The computer is hooked up directly to the ethernet port in the wall via Ethernet cable.
My internet speeds are fast, and I pinged at 800 kbps.

Thanks in advance.
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