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Default Media Players

I would like to agree with Chicagojohn on the point about players; I too use Windows XP SP1 with Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime, WinAmp, DivX and a few others that I cannot currently remember.

I use Windows Media Player for most things, both video and music, I want to play but dislike its tendency to connect to the internet and sometimes try to download unknown stuff that the media, I am trying to play, asks for.

Real Player works on most media files but will auto start, errors and fails, when I try to use Limewire to play music files.

I only use Quicktime and DivX to play film trailers I have downloaded.

As for WinAmp and the others, I user them as and when needed.

Just a small note here, all media players will connect, or try to connect, to the internet, especially if you have a broadband connection. However, I have set up my firewall so that I have the option to stop them from connecting without my knowing about it, and in most circumstances, I will not permit the connection to take place.

In addition, when a media file insists that it needs an internet connection in order to play I then delete it.
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