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So Limewire won't work on my puter either. I'm so confused. My roomate is connecting on port 6346 just fine and I cant connect at all. I called my school and they told me they are blocking all ports to stop people from using limewire because it is interfering with the bandwidth. But he had no explanation as to how my roomies puter can connect. So whats up? I've done every trick told in these threads.
Why don't u ask your roommate & tell us how he did it? You haven't told us anything about your setup. See this. If u want us to work it thru with u, write down every single detail about your settings & your roommates. 'If' you've read all the suggestions & related threads, then you can obviously tell us what your "Recieved incoming this session" report said. You are obviously behind a firewall. Keep in mind there's not only your school's firewall but also your os (presumably xp), will most likely have its own firewall. Not only that but Norton products can also interfere with connections. Give us all the details u possibly can. It's difficult to solve a puzzle if u don't have any pieces of it.
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