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Originally posted by zab
So now that the cat is out of the bag, what other "niceties" have you put in your version?

Note: we have the ability to read code and are not afraid to use it. Surrender peacefully or else...
Well, as you heard here already I did add a submenu to the repeat seach menu item that allows to repeat once, every 15 minutes or every 30 minutes.

I also did add a suspend downloads button to the montor tab (for us upload bandwidth constrained ADSL users). Now that there is more space in the download button row one could add a similar one there as well.

A major addition is mostly for power users and programmers only, namely an additional tab with a BeanShell scripting console. You can redirect logging there, and run BeanShell scripts which pretty much sport java syntax. I use this to quickly examine and set variables in LimeWire, for example. This also includes a BeanShell script file that is run on startup (optional), the sample script I have put into my distribution does add such things as automatically open (and optionally repeat) your favorite queries upon LimeWire start,
a resume thread that does periodically resume all downloads that are in your queue and a sample menu to the menu bar with a few handy functions like clearing only these downloads in the queue that are 100% complete.

If there is interest in any of these features I can make patches available.