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Question Trojan Horse/ Cracker/Virus Please help!!

While using Limewire, I have had downloads start that I did not select for downloading. I killed most of them while they were downloading, but many of them were pornographic and I do not want them on my system. I am a novice computer user and am not sure if this is a virus or some other kind of snafu. I downloaded an AV and it detected a worm virus, numerous instances, and it apparently took care of the problem. However, I have had this happen several times and have deleted all of my downloaded files and uninstalled Limewire and even restored my system only to have this happen again after downloading for several days with Limewire. Is it the files I am downloading? Can the virus/worm/whatever stay on my c drive after restoring the drive. I have also tried file shredders...are they effective in deletign viruses or is this best left to AV. Also, I think that may have disabled my firewall while downloading. Would this have had an affect?

Sorry for all the questions. Appreciate the help.

P.S. I am not actually a virgin, nor and I from Alaska. It is a pretty lame political joke that probably only Bob and Tom listners will get. It is what happens when they decide to add P. Rico as the 51st state but then decide to combine some states to avoid having to add another star to the flag. They decide to combine states. Indiana and Kansas...Indias...get it...I know...not funny...but then a Senator (Bob Packwood or Ted Kennedy type I believe) ask about combining Alaska and Virgina...Alaskavirgin...of course there are no virgins in the Senate...hence the joke. Again, I know it really isn't funny unless you are a political juncky. You know...Ted Kennedy saying that he will ALASKAVIRGIN...but of course he can't find any in the Senate... I'll quit while I am ahead.
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