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Get yourself a good antivirus program and here is the most important thing... Set your AV program to scan ALL INCOMING FILES whether through your e-mail or LW, etc. I get an occaisional hit but my AV won't even let the file in so it cna do any damage. LW also has the ability to scan for viruses but you have to set the switch. I do both plus I scan my DL folder one more time before I open it. Yes it is redundant but better to be safe than sorry. Still, you seem to get an inordinate amount of viruses. I have been with LW about 4 months and have maybe been hit three to four times. If you want to avoid the porn you can filter out keywords in the options section of LW. This will block much but not all of the files because some idiots insist on mislabeling files and if they catch one unintentionally just keep passing it on. I got a little lazy a week ago and checked a bunch of comics for my kids before letting them view and of course the one I didn't check turned out to not be the famous webslinger but a bunch of manga porn cartoons. That took some explaining (lol). I hope this helps. Best of luck. If you need help in setting switches or AV advice you can PM me and I'll get back to youo as soon as I can. CJ
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