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Default re: real player or, & spyattachments

[COLOR=limegreen][SIZE=3][B]Before upgrading the endlessly bundled real player basic, i read the user agreement:

a) The Software includes a DRM called the RealSystem Media Commerce Update Software ("Media Commerce Software") and may include third party DRMs as Plug-in components, which are subject to their own license agreements. DRMs are designed to manage and enforce intellectual property rights in digital content purchased over the Internet. You may not take any action to circumvent or defeat the security or content usage rules provided or enforced by either the DRM or the Software. DRMs may be able to revoke your ability to use applicable content. RN is not responsible for the operation of third party DRM in any way, including revocation of your content. RN is not responsible for any communications to or from any third party DRM provider, or for the collection or use of information by third party DRMs. You consent to the communications enabled and/or performed by the DRM, including automatic updating of the DRM without further notice, despite the provisions of AutoUpdate defined in Section 6(c). You agree to indemnify and hold harmless RN for any claim relating to your use of a third party DRM.

According to this section the drms are in communication without any notice (your acceptance of the user agreement must provide your consent to this) & it can make any applicable music you have without licenses displayed unplayable!
Of course real player is now history. [COLOR=limegreen][SIZE=3][B]
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