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Lightbulb Search by file type / rom search

LimeWire is great for searching for music files, but what separates it from Kazaa and other MP3 P2P programs is the ability to search for other types of files.

The only problem is, it's tough to find these other files. The only thing you can search for is the filename. What I would like to see is an input field to search for a specific file type. I've noticed that when you search for Documents, it only looks for files of certain types (.txt, .doc, etc), so it shouldn't be complicated to do this.

Also, when searching for All Types, it's neat that you can filter out all other types from the bar, but what if you wanted to filter OUT a certain type? A checkbox next to each type would make this simple.

A popular type of search other than "Images, Movies, Audio, Documents, and Programs" would be "Roms". Or maybe this can be generalized into another category "Games". They're not exactly programs, nor documents. The only way to find them is to search in the "All Types" type. But then you have to know what the extension is, or search through TONS of music files to find the actual game. A menu for the type of emulator you're searching for games for would make it easier.
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