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Default Morpheus w/NEOnet Beta 4.2 Build 259

NEOnet - the first public Beta of an entirely new P2P technology with unprecedented search accuracy and download results exclusively available through Morpheus™

Morpheus 4.2 includes the first public beta of NEOnet, an entirely new generation of P2P using DHT technology. Unlike other P2P Networks, files found on Neo Network download fast and easy even if that file exists on just one other computer. Morpheus also searches all other major file-sharing networks and simultaneously connects with millions of users of Kazaa, iMesh, eDonkey, LimeWire, Gnutella, Grokster, G2 and others to find more digital media.

Morpheus, the only American file-sharing software ruled legal by U.S. federal courts, protects your privacy with access to public proxy networks; has options to prevent others from snooping on you; works with your antivirus software to prevent unwanted malicious files; enables simultaneous searches for all media file types including MP3 audio, video, games, software, pictures and documents; returns fast multi-source downloads; provides bitzi anti-spoofing lookups and contains absolutely no spyware.

Download: (FREE)
Download: ($19.95)

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