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Originally posted by swimkid
one more thing: I don't know if u've noticed but in the latest beta of limewire there are firewall to firewall transfers supported. You might want to find a way to get that into gnucdna and possibly neonet considering that most of the users will be firewalled, (including me) [/B]
We have some ideas about this, will reserve for future.

So in this release what does Morpheus do to address this issue? UPnP support was added which allows Morpheus to traverse a router with Universal Plug and Play enabled ( i.e xbox ready router, wXP needed).

Since a majority of users are both wXP and firewalled, it should have a significant effect on increasing the availability of files.

Way it works is as long as you have UPnP enabled on your router (many are off by default unfortunately , even linksys), Morpheus will open the ports it needs and put you in a non-firewalled state and close the ports when exiting Morpheus.
This means you don't have to manually configure port forwarding which can be a difficult task for some. Morpheus uses UPnP to do it for you ;-), similar to other applications like MSN messenger.

will address making it even easier for users to enable UPnP in next release.
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