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Exclamation Phex beta released!

Salut à tous,

2.1.0 Beta (2004-08-30)

- GUI: Added user interface option to clear the search history.

- CORE: Force slow download candidates to release a download segment when a faster candidate
cannot be allocated a free download segment. (Nick Farrell)
- CORE: Prioritise the download segments of a file based on rarity of that segment. The fewer
hosts have a part of the file, or the slower the connection speed is to those hosts,
the sooner that segment will be requested. (Nick Farrell)
- CORE: Change bandwidth limiting algorithm. Should be more stable as well as more accurate.
(Nick Farrell)
- CORE: URN calculation is moved to a background task to display shared file faster on the UI.
- CORE: Variable sized download segments depending on candidates transfer speed. (Nick Farrell)
- CORE: Download segments are selected based on position in the file and
rarity. (Nick Farrell)
- CORE: Improved Phex windows installer and uninstaller routine and interface.

- FIXED: Download segmentation problem fixed which can cause too big segments. (Nick Farrell)
- FIXED: The GUI might freeze when browsing hosts from other tabs then search.
- FIXED: GUI will fail to paint in case last used Look and Feel is missing on system.
- FIXED: Search input pane will not resize unbounded on long search terms.
- FIXED: Files where shared with full path information, now only the shared part of the path
is used.

Good work! (anyway to not connect to POS Gnucleus hosts 1.8.4???)

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