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Default Phex has brain damage

My install is: Windows XP, Sun Java 1.4, and Phex

This all lives behind a Linux based Firewall/NAT with portforwarding configured.

Phex has a habit of forgetting it's configuration, as well as the list of downloads it's working on. I initially thought it had something to do with having to use task mgr to abort Phex after it has become unresponsive (after hours of uptime), but I've had times when I've closed Phex properly, and it will have lost its config the next time it's loaded. This especially annoying because Phex likes to choose a new listening port, rendering firewall forwarding useless.

It is also having upload problems. Most of the apparently successful uploads (all bytes sent) will be marked at "Aborted". But I get even more 0 bytes sent aborts. Typically there will be a dozen 0 byte sent aborts, followed by a finaly all bytes sent abort.

Suggestion: Would it be possible to set an option to view total bytes for a file uploading, as opposed to the current segment?

Otherwise thx for the java based client,
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