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I think another way to insure the saftey of all parties is to offer files under a request format. Someone wants a file they can request it and the sender can look up the IP if there paranoid and see where the request is coming from. I think the more information that is posted in limewire the MORE protection we have. If you can hide your IP so can the law. If everyone joining Limewire HAD to have their vitals (to a certain extent) posted so that one could verify that information as being a valid address and user, there would be far less paranoia and far less chance of anyone getting sued for any reason. Also as a side benefit you wouldn't be as likely to download trash,malwares and viruses.

I posted several IP's, phone numbes and email addresses this morning here in the fourms of individuals that were maliciously sharing malwares (usually a marketing company) under file names or program names, that are popular software, ebooks and other inticing names that usually look like: P_H_O_T_O_S_H_O_P! and the like, that will completely hose your system if you use them. I sniffed their IP's (of course they had browse host turned off) and found all I needed to know. What they are doing is just as illegal as any thing else I've seen on any P2P network. They know it. But it's the pot calling the kettle black isn't it? Ergo,
If we had a "bad files" list like e-donkey, e-mule and others. We would not waste our time nor take the chance of getting caught up in problems like the ones being mentioned here.

After the post I was semi bashed by one of the fourm admins for posting "private" information. In retorespect the only thing I posted that was out of line would have been their phone numbers. The IP and abuse@ email addresses are PUBLIC knowledge and are there for a good reason....

As it turned out Morgwen suggested that I post this information on a "Private server" for those that are Interested in keeping the community free of those with bad intent. I thought that a great idea and am creating a "private" by invite only area for those of you who would be interested in seeing exactly whom your dealing with and what wares are bogus. I would invite anyone with any information on bad files, IP's of those whom are invading OUR pricacy to join my effots and post this information in OUR forum. I'm also looking for a few admins to help in this effort to keep the forums and site running smoothly.

If you would like to read the orginal post:

I can be contacted at

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