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Default audio files download as documents NOT mp3's

I am running Mac OS9.1 and I am having a problem with launching audio downloads.

If I download an audio file from someone with a T1, T3 or 8 connection or a Cable/DSL connection, the file downloads as a document and cannot be opened. I am not having a problem downloading. The problem is that most of what I download does not load as an mp3 file. If I download from someone who has a modem connection, the file downloads as an mp3 and I am able to launch and play that file. I have tried "Real Player" and "WMP" but neither works for the other files. Quick TIme Player works fine for those that actually come through as mp3's. I went into my Quick Time settings in the control panel and noticed that 56K Modem was checksed so I added "allow simultaneous streams" and that seemed to help a bit by allowing some downloads from T1 sources. Does anyone have any "step-by-step" directions that would help me out of this frustrating situation? Most of the music that I want to download is from people with cable/dsl connections.

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