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You continue to talk out of assumptions ( or ignorance). And no, the line you bolded isnt the reason nor was there one -- gnucDNA clients do return queries.
What you referenced is that TTL's were being sent out higher than they should be, but the node receiving it just reset it and so has no adverse effect.

These changes are picked up and updating soon in an already scheduled release. The 'X-Nalt' support was added to appease LW by swabby, but yea... get them to ban us ;-)

You can continue to assume that the gnutella implementation is "bad", but until we get back direct responses from the REAL LW's devs that they share your negative opinions, than it's all hot air you're posting. As Morpheus users slowly upgrade and the less 'old' Ultrapeers remain.... the difference is seen.

There are really differences being made but lets just look at the negative, it's good for boosting your post count. ;-)