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Now delete my post again and your in trouble man. I rewrote my post and I'm saving it on my harddrive.

You continue to talk out of assumptions ( or ignorance). And no, the line you bolded isnt the reason nor was there one -- gnucDNA clients do return queries.
What you referenced is that TTL's were being sent out higher than they should be, but the node receiving it just reset it and so has no adverse effect.
You seem on par with my ignorance on GnucDNA, Kayaman

Why don't you disable gnutella support just like you did for G2? The G2 support in GnucDNA is more healthly for that network than the gnutella support for the Gnet is. I know that you wrote your NeoNet DHT over GnucDNA so you don't have to write a full P2P app as it would be too difficult for you. You probalby use GnucDNA to dl , upload exchange sources etc... That does NOT mean however that you have to force your users to use Gnutella and leech from us.

Hope my point is taken,
Morpheus is a looser on all the line

Edit: well at least you apologized for deleting my post.
Edit2: I really don't have anything against GnucDNA used in hobby P2P apps, new developers have to come from somewhere. John Marshall is a great dev and GnucDNA is a great project for a one man work. I definitly recommend using Gnucleus to users instead of Morpheus. But I really have something against Morpheus, I'm not hiding that. And you are well deserving my bitching, sir.
Edit3: I love answer choices! I take the options a) Morph, c) Morph devs know nothing and a variant of b) GnucDNA (in morpheus we should add)

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