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Originally posted by et voilą
[B]Now delete my post again and your in trouble man.
oh calm down, your ego...eeeerrr post count is intact. You saw for yourself i posted as an unregistered user. No hard feelings ;-)

That does NOT mean however that you have to force your users to use Gnutella and leech from us..
"us"? LW isn't the only client on the network, Morpheus does share back, and lastly last I checked Gnutella was an open network -- not LimeNet.

My last point still stands, the gnutella implementation is better and will continue to be and it's absurd to think it's bad for the network when it's quite the contrary.
You post actual proof , with the LW's devs stamp of approval since you seem to try to speak for them of the how 'unhealthy' it is for the network on any sort of significant scale and you'll have a case.
LW is always making changes and i see mistakes made along the way... yet it seems the same standard isn't afforded to Morpheus when actually trying to make changes. Good look with whatever software you make so perfect ;-)