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"us"? LW isn't the only client on the network, Morpheus does share back, and lastly last I checked Gnutella was an open network -- not LimeNet.
Look, us means legitimate Gnet clients! I'm probably the person that uses the most P2Ps here so while I know LW the most you are totally wrong. Us means Bearshares, Limewires, Gtk-gnutella, Phex, Swapper, Gnucleus(!!!) and even Shareaza. Us means people understanding Gnet and having their own implementation, not one stolen, borrowed or whatever you call what you have done. If at least you were open source I could understand the use of GnucDNA, but until then...

LW is always making changes and i see mistakes made along the way... yet it seems the same standard isn't afforded to Morpheus when actually trying to make changes. Good look with whatever software you make so perfect ;-)
Mistakes are human, but at a certain number they reveal incompetence, Morph reached that level since version 2. While I admit that I'm not perfect and I make some mistakes when bashing Morpheus, I fell that my motives are right. I'm probably the only person here with trap_jaw that can educate people about that. That also make you aware (morph devs) of your too many problems in both ethics and software efficiency.

In fact my posts might benifit to Morpheus in the end because my comments are read and debated, I fell like a cheap beta tester or a person in a image commity helping you improve the app. My intentions is that everybody should use something else than morpheus but the consequences of my posts might do otherwise. We'll see. Until then people should learn to avoid by their own conclusions poor apps like Morpheus.