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Default Connection Problem

Unfortunately....... it appears that the connection problems in truth, DO NOT lay with the user...... but with a problem within Limewire.

Lo and behold, an error message came up today about a BUG.
the first one I've seen since this problem started.

I've had limewire for quite a while and until this past week it worked just fine.

Now, It tells me I'm not connected to the internet ..... Wrong... I'm connected 24/7. Then I go from disconnected to connecting.. to turbo.... then steadily down. Even reloading the program several times does not help, nor did reinstalling it.

I must caution the NOVICE.... Tweeks and messing with certain aspects of your security sytsems may not only cause you more problems , but also open the door to invasion.

We can either put up with the irritation of the program not working properly, or just wait until someone from Gnutella takes the time to really look into this situation.

And yes... it worked just fine after the Win XP service pk 2 was installed and tweeked.

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